Your skin CRAVES this!


Your body’s largest organ – your skin – craves dry brushing.

When you treat your skin to the simple act of dry brushing, you’re doing more than just helping your body eliminate toxins. It also makes your skin healthier and cleaner by increasing blood circulation, removing dead skin cells, stimulating your skin’s natural oil glands and helping absorb the nutrients you apply with oils or lotions.

Not only that – it feels good, invigorating your whole body.

The most important reason to dry brush your skin, though, is to help the fluid of your lymphatic filtration system clean up the toxins, poisons and metals.

Skin is one of the first things we notice in another person and when we look in the mirror. Dry brushing your skin is one of the things that makes you want to look in the mirror.

Tips for Dry Brushing Your Body

  • Use a natural bristle brush with moderately stiff bristles – never one with synthetic bristles. Most likely you’ll be doing your own dry brushing (a lover might get distracted), so get one with a long handle that’s part of the brush, not glued on, to reach all areas of your body. Body brushes are usually found in health food and herb stores.
  • If you’ve never brushed your skin, or haven’t in a long time, brush softly and gently every other day for the first week. Your skin needs some time to get used to the rough feeling and you don’t want to stir up the toxins too vigorously when first starting.
  • Do not brush your face or nipples with the body brush. Do not brush skin rashes, wounds, cuts, infections or other skin problems.
  • Your body and the brush should be dry. Why not wet brush while in the shower or tub? Because wet brushing stretches your skin so always brush before bathing.
  • Every few weeks take your brush into the shower with you and wash it in soap and water. Then let it dry.
  • Have fresh, pure water ready to drink.

Okay now, here’s where we start the process:

How to Dry Brush Your Skin

  1. Get naked.
  2. Always brush towards your heart. This is so important because brushing away from your heart can cause the little valves in your veins to become blocked or damaged, leading to varicose veins. Your veins are loaded with actual valves that are meant to open in the direction leading back to your heart.
  3. While you brush, feel what you’re doing. That means put your consciousness on the part of your body that you’re brushing. This will help keep you in the present moment, and while you’re feeling the sensation of the brush against your skin, your mind chatter will begin to quiet down.
  4. Treat the act of dry brushing your skin like a sacred ritual – stay attentive to what you are doing and adopt an attitude of love and gratitude. Get into the habit of telling your body you love it. And thank each part as you’re brushing it. Loving and thanking your body are extremely important aspects of the process because your body’s chemistry will react one way if your attitude is love and another if your attitude is fear or loathing. The loving way will enhance your immune system.
  5. Start brushing the sole of each foot. For the rest of your body, use smooth, upward strokes – always toward your heart. Brush up each leg starting at your toes; then brush up your belly, butt and lower back, your arms from your fingertips up to your shoulders, and then brush down your neck, chest and upper back.
  6. After you finish brushing, your skin will glow. Take a warm, short shower to wash away the dead skin cells.
  7. Drink at least 8 ounces of water to flush away the toxins.
  8. Apply a good moisturizer.

Dry brushing has become a daily ritual for me the last twelve years. I’m on my third body brush, having completely worn out two others.

The best thing about this simple act of skin stimulation and conscious gratitude is that it has helped me relinquish negative judgments about parts of my body. After all, how can you dislike a buddy you’ve gotten to know and love and who sticks with you through thick and thin?

Go ahead and try dry brushing. You’ll be amazed at what a loving relationship with your body can do for your health and wellbeing and besides, it sure feels good!

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  •   May 31, 2016 - Gioia Says:

    Thank you ever so much for your help so precious Ellen. Plenty of love and respect Gioia

  •   June 8, 2016 - Ellen Wood Says:

    Dearest Gioia. I appreciate your comment – and especially the love and respect. I send enormous blessings and love to you.

  •   January 8, 2017 - Stevie j Horton Says:

    Havent caught up withall your letters but i chose one tonight and it was just what i needed.
    I don’t usually go for New Years Resolutions but this is finally a time in my life that i need to care for me more. Too long a story to tell but mostly want to say, I still appreciate you and your writings. They are on point. Please continue your quest..It helps me so much

  •   January 8, 2017 - Ellen Wood Says:

    Thank you, Stevie, for taking the time to tell us this. Yes, as they say on the airplane, “Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else.” Self-love and self-nourishing are so important for self-forgetfulness, which is the best way to serve others.

  •   January 8, 2017 - Stevie j Horton Says:

    my comments are actually above. Please continue your wonderful column. The dry brushing article was just what I needed tonight

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