“Miracle Gene” discovered that can potentially wipe out any disease

This startling news is from my friend, David Kekich, who founded Maximum Life Foundation. You too can sign up for his free newsletter at www.maxlife.org. And if you have some extra dollars, you might contribute to his foundation to help this wonderful work he’s doing.

David writes:
Do you remember the team of molecular biologists that won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of a dormant gene with the amazing ability to potentially wipe out any disease? More than 16,200 independent studies confirm its disease-reversing power.

Scientists from prestigious institutions like Harvard and Stanford have conducted these studies on the “miracle gene.”  Their conclusions are simply astonishing.

My associate, Michael Fossel, MD, PhD, estimates this revelation could help push human lifespan as far as 200. That’s a HEALTHY lifespan too!

Mike adds: “We should be able to extend the human life span indefinitely.” He goes on to say that this single gene can, “postpone or prevent the onset of diseases associated with aging.”
Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn recently led a team of University of California and Stanford researchers who found the “miracle gene” could reverse Alzheimer’s.

And Harvard graduate Dr. Dean Ornish concluded that, the miracle gene could actually not only prevent but even reverse chronic diseases, like heart disease, early-stage prostate cancer, Type 2 diabetes, etc.

The bottom line is, this discovery could expand our life expectancy and make so-called “incurable” chronic diseases a thing of the past.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, the “miracle gene”, called hTERT won’t just lengthen our health span, it will…
… to be continued.

Note from me: I’ll send the next installment after I get it from David.

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