Who are you?

You are not your thoughts, but so often the mind chatter takes over to the point where you begin to believe you are your thoughts. In truth, you are a powerful, magnificent being – a spark of the infinite. By taking regular breaks from our own thoughts we can begin to open to inspiration from the divine.

Easier said than done, especially when life sends us challenges. I know. My last challenge was a doozy: someone I had been close to decades ago sent me a mean, hurtful letter. Although I decided not to respond, I could feel the vibration of anger seething through my body as my mind kept chewing on those words over and over.

I prayed: I can’t carry this any longer; take it from me – but it wasn’t working. That’s because, I soon realized, my prayer wasn’t truthful. While one part of me was saying I want to ‘let go and let God’, another part was saying: this really hurt and I want to keep playing this movie.

Why do things happen that we seem to have no control over? Things that anger us or make us fearful or cause us physical pain. Maybe it’s so we can realize that we can’t control life’s distressing situations – they just happen. To everyone. Or maybe it’s to discover that they are enormous gifts helping us surrender our personal agenda in favor of the greater truth. Or maybe it’s so we can understand that the only thing under our control is how we react to what happens. Perhaps it’s all of these.

I stayed close to home so my emotions wouldn’t spill onto anyone else. Weighed down by what seemed like anvils on my shoulders, I went for long walks on a deserted path near my house to be swaddled by nature. Soon I felt prompted to practice releasing toxic emotions: allowing my anger to spill out by focusing on the intense feelings, then dropping the story. Over and over – focusing on feelings, dropping the story – until I could actually feel the release of that negative charge and I became lighter. I said prayers of gratitude. Then little by little, I could detect the subtle sensation of loving energy activating my body – and a whisper of peace. That was when I realized that this is what the shift in consciousness is all about. It’s a coming home to our true self.

            Have you read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle? That book spoke to the core of me – it lifted me up and inspired me to pay attention to insights and intuition. In fact, there was one section that I found so profound and touched me so deeply, I wrote it on a card that I have on my desk: Be absolutely present and sense Alert Awareness in the background. Every time I see that card I rest my thoughts and listen. (The trick is to distinguish whether it’s the divine or ego responding.)

            We are all born with intuitive capability but as we identify with the mind, which breeds feelings of separation and individuality, we gradually override our intuitive sense. Observing our thoughts objectively, in a detached manner, helps us regain that gift. It just takes lots of practice and Grace.

Have a blessed holiday season.

I love you.


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  •   December 20, 2015 - cynthia olsen Says:

    Hi Ellen: Your latest sharing touches all of us at times. Truly a gift if we get the actual meaning behind it. Ego loves to engage and throw us off our intended course of inner balance. My daughter was talking about her brother and conflict she was feeling around a recent incident. We talked about it and at last came to a realization that we cannot control the situation. By releasing the emotional feelings, she was able to see what part she was playing in it and what her lessons were.She then found more understanding and peace. Have a wonderful holiday season. cynthia

  •   December 21, 2015 - michael pieretti Says:

    So beloved Ellen, Thanks again for sharing suck wonderful exampes. There is only one way I can get through such happenings, I never get down to the level of anyones Negativity, I just throw it out of existance like it never happened, I stay up to my Level of Positive thinking and Peace and so on……
    Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Joyful Festive Season.

  •   December 21, 2015 - Annie Says:

    Hi Ellen.
    Last year something simillar happened to me . It came as a chock. It was overwhelming , i tried to do the same thing as you did , be with the feelings and drop the story , not easy at all. But then I thought about a course from nick and jessica ortner they gave every year for free about the tapping solution ( eft) .you start with a statement .. Ex even though I feel this ex pain,sadness,dissapointment…. I love and accept myself and then you tap on the different points ( see website) and you say what you feel …. So , it is not so different from what you did Ellen, but I gave the feelings a name and tap . For me easyer , Necause I concentrate on the feeling and there is no time for the story … The tapping brings a kind of flow…. But maybe it is personal.

  •   December 21, 2015 - Ellen Wood Says:

    Hi Annie. Thanks so much for that!! I am an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping”) practitioner and it’s VERY effective. The reason I used that other technique (both will be in the book I’m writing now in the chapter on Releasing Toxic Emotions) is because it was bitter cold out and I had mittens on. For tapping, it’s best to use bare fingers. You’re a sweetheart for sharing that with us.

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