Ellen Wood

Attendees comment on Ellen's presentations

"She is a FIREBALL! I love her passion and energy and humor." – Diane Lee, Hendersonville, TN

"Ellen is one heck of a speaker, presenter and empowering force!!!" – Hazel Mella, Director, Governor's Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives, Santa Fe NM

"Ellen's radiance is empowering. She is a beautiful spirit with a valuable gift to share with the universe." – Kelly Ann Pappa, W. Simsbury, CT

"She made me laugh! She's not only inspiring, she's funny!" – Bea Laredo, Tucumcari, NM

"What I liked best was her manner of taking a room full of strangers and making us all feel great about ourselves." – H. W., Mahopac, NY

"Her energy, humor and personal stories – fabulous!" – Lesley Ivy, Arroyo Hondo, NM

"Ellen is dynamic! Love the material – ALL of it. She is awesome!" – Chris Woodward, Albuquerque, NM

"Ellen Wood's dynamic energy was instantly noticeable when she entered the room. She made the people in our organization take notice and want what she has. Best of all, she gave us the tools to get there." – Jose "Tino" Romero, Ancianos, Taos, NM

"What I liked best was her raw passion! She believes in this so strongly—it becomes infectious. Truly- she's perfect—perfect energy, pacing, pitch, wisdom and humor." – Paula Carnabuci, Cold Spring, NY

"What passion! And charismatic personality! Love Ellen's humor." – Christina Duran, Taos, NM

"She was able to create energy in every aspect of her presentation and that energy actually permeated my cells with that same exuberance. After 20 minutes I felt more alive than I've felt in a long time" – Sheila D., Pomona, CA

"She's very vivacious and an impressive speaker!" – Bernice Ritt, Nashville, TN

"Enlightening experience!" – Janice Tenorio, Santa Fe, NM

"Excellent! Loved your stories—very, very inspiring." – Lisa Giruzzi, Albany, NY

"Amazing! Great, great, great, great, great! Nice illustrations, humorous stories, encouragement, engagement." – Katrina Marshall, Denver, CO

"Ellen's presentation was excellent. With great style, substance and humor, she inspires others to live to their fullest potential. She radiates youthful vitality and heart-centered wisdom and is a walking example of her own teachings!" – Dana Micucci, NYC, NY

"Amazing seminar. Ellen inspired me to love myself just as I am today while I plant the seeds of a magnificent tomorrow. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet Ellen and learn from her!" – Jessica Gibson, Conyers, GA

"Great fun!" – Myra Eby, Frisco, CO

"I liked the specific suggestions for age reversal backed up by scientific studies." – Ada Shissler, Sanibel, FLA

"Pure positive energy! Enjoyed every moment. You are magnificent!" – Betty Franklin, Carson City, NV

"Ellen is very energetic and entertaining—her energy and enthusiasm are contagious." – C.R., Eagle, CO

"Delightful, convincing, genuine, humorous, enthusiastic. This is real truth and Ellen does a great job describing it and proving it." – Don Wingerter, Denver, CO

"Joyful presentation. Inspirational." – Janis Ward, Cordillera, CO

"Ellen was so POSITIVE!" – Abraham Thales, M.D., Nashville, TN

"Great eye contact, candor and humor; her passion—believability, the information, the freshness of her delivery. Ellen is literally a living, growing example of her teaching." – Susanne Bell, Silver City, NM

"She is inspiring and beautiful and has incredible energy. Ellen is not only beautiful outside – but she has a beautiful soul." – Sylvia M. Etsitly, Window Rock, AZ

"I liked her vibrancy, and her personal stories told with humor. Perfect!" – Joe B., NYC

"I had never heard of EFT—I'm looking forward to learning more. I also liked her honesty and candor and humor. Thank you, thank you, thank you." – Carol Marangoni, Garrison, NY

"The best seminar I have ever attended. Ellen's positive approach to life should be everybody's number one priority on their health plan." – Scott Bradley, Castle Rock, CO

"Ellen is full of life and love. So inspiring! This will change my live forever." – Tammy Kinder, Minden, NV

"Ellen is magnificent!" – Gila Yaniv, Albuquerque, NM

"Ellen was amazing in her delivery – so informative, focused and inspiring in her belief of all that a person can achieve in their life if they believe they can. She has a great energy for her subject – and she's funny! I learned a lot while I was entertained." – Sally Bayly – Rye, England

"How vibrant she was in her oration, so full of life and joy! And humorous! She makes you want nothing but positivity in your life." – Gloria Blevins, NM

"Great energy, excellent language choices, valuable techniques that can be applied immediately, good inspirational ending." – Jenn Drescher, CT

"Engaging! Vivacious! Smooth delivery! Genuine and sincere!" – Elaine R. Eib, Emmaus, PA

"Her enthusiasm really convinced me! I started feeling younger and stronger and more energetic during her presentation." – Judy Schaefer, Taos, NM

"I liked the conversational aspect to it—it didn't feel like a lecture. I love her energy, her humble approach and her humorous, personal narratives." – Lindsay Jones, NYC

"She ought to be on Oprah." – M.F., Santa Fe, NM

"[I liked] hearing this new material she's bringing into the world. It's so important and the material so original, so exciting. Blessings to Ellen for bringing it forth. She is changing the planet." – Veronica August, Asbury, NJ

"What I liked best about Ellen's presentation was the material—just fabulous!" – Becci Bookner, Murfreesboro, TN

"Ellen has a great energy in her presentation. Her enthusiasm makes us want to pay attention. She is engaging and therefore we are engaged." – Jacques Duvoisin, NYC

"With improving everyone's attitude, we could empower our society to live better, be healthier and love one another." – Marie Montano, Albquerque, NM

"…she reaffirms what I have been realizing more and more after age 40—growing older isn't optional but being 'old' in the negative, traditional sense of the word IS optional. I am so glad to hear from a woman so intelligent and articulate that this is something to look forward to!" – Laurie Lyn Childs, CT

"What I liked best was the focus on positive emotion, self acceptance and love and the pleasures of sharing those emotions with others. It was great!" – Katy Elwyn, Peekskill, NY

"…connection to the audience, authenticity, gentle delivery, but very alive, very warm and believable." – B.T., Taos, NM

"[I liked best] the last remarks regarding connecting with and serving others by improving our own beliefs and spreading it to others. Very inspirational! She's so energetic and enthusiastic." – Sharlene, Taos, NM

"I can apply Ellen's affirmations to all facets of my life. She is an excellent speaker and engages her audience. I can tell by observing Ellen that she not only 'Talks the Talk,' she 'Walks the Walk.'" – Katherine Kasza, Taos, NM

"Ellen's presence was visible proof of the possibilities of which she speaks." – Jill Wasden, Taos, NM

"Ellen has a lovely well-modulated voice that is a pleasure to hear. My favorite part was the last part when Ellen spoke of the 'big' picture—what we can contribute by staying vital." – Judith Myers, Taos, NM

"Thank you for using 'Elder' instead of 'Senior Citizen'" – Suzan Napoleon, CT

"[I liked] her positive and upbeat presentation. She presented meaningful and useful information, and drew people out so they felt comfortable sharing." – Esther Jenkins, CA

"She is living proof of what she's sharing." – Eula Gonnie, Indian Wells, AZ

"Thank you for presenting these positive spiritual and powerful mind-body ideas with such grand enthusiasm. You inspire us to spread the love of which you speak. I have practiced some of these ideas and they work! Thank you for spreading the joy" – Camilla Jovicich, Gardnerville, NV

"I liked the entire presentation. She is an inspiration! She looks [as though she's] in her 50s, not her 70s; she is a beautiful woman. I am 36, and will start what I learned TODAY!!! Thank you!" – Monica Calamaco, Portales, NM

"[I liked]…that others are awakening to what us Native Americans have known & practiced for generations." – Helen D. Bird, Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

"I'm glad to know that there is some hope to feel young because lately I've been feeling very old. I'm going to try what she does." – Henrietta G., Albuquerque, NM

"Very inspiring—wonderful, inspiring energy. Ellen is an example of one who 'walks her talk.' She is also very generous." – Michelle Gabler, Minden, NV

"It was absolutely wonderful. There is nothing more I can say." – N.D. Madison, NJ

"Coherent, informative, and exceptionally well delivered! Kudos to Ellen for presenting and to the organization thoughtful enough to share her wisdom and experience with us." – Linda Hart, Dallas, TX

"Ellen, you're inspiring and very passionate about sharing your information. I know I will benefit from your message. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." – T. C. Houston, TX

"Excellent job, Ellen. Your energy was amazing. I look forward to spreading the word about growing younger." – Robbie MacCue, Troy, NY

"[I liked] her enthusiasm, positive energy, walking her talk, very convincing, rational approach, do-able." – Samuel Kewasz, CA

"… looks, grace, and wardrobe— great personality!" – Jean Wright, Nashville, TN

"The positive that shone throughout the room—thank you so much for all the positive. I needed this to continue on my journey of life." – Janie Moya, Albuquerque, NM

"…her vibrant, positive presentation." – Keyes Tate, Nashville, TN

"Her positive energy—uplifting and re-energizing." – Martin Macias, La Mesa, NM

"Good message about accepting yourself as you are." – R.J., Santa Fe, NM

"The energy! The information was inspiring. I wish my mother could have attended." — Jackie Deen, Roswell, NM

"She was well prepared, informative and very interesting. She is great!" – Sarah Hawes, Nashville, TN

"I enjoyed her and all the things she spoke about. I will try to change my thinking." – L.D., Brentwood, TN

"I love her inspiring and expansive vision of what we might become as we grow 'younger' with each passing year of living." – Elizabeth Shaheen, Montrose, NY

"Good information and effervescent presentation." – Mimi Klein, Nashville, TN

"The clarity of thought and presentation—good connection, enthusiasm, warm, fun, real tone." – Howard Jay Rubin, Claremont, CA

"[I liked] her bright, positive energy!" – Sandra Varos, Taos, NM

"Her passion [is] to empower ALL older people." – Linda Moscarella, Des Montes, NM

"Her exuberance, liveliness, outlook, and courage to get up in front of people. Also her conviction to ACT on her belief." – Julie Radebaugh, Brentwood, TN

"I felt I started to grow younger just hearing that Ellen started her transformation only a few years ago. Very inspiring. Gratitude!" – Anne Kious, Questa, NM

"I liked best that I should remember to love myself." – James C., Albuquerque, NM

"Fun, entertaining, personal—comes from her life and success—a gift to us." – A.C., Ridgefield, CT

"[I liked] the emphasis on positive thinking, a right brain function, to lead us to growing younger." – R.C. Whiteaker, Nashville, TN

"Fast moving presentation – very informative – interactive. I liked the bookmark which we can use on our own." - Ethel W., Espanola, NM

"…uplifting and beautiful inspiration." – Barbara Tracy, Questa, NM

"Enthusiastic presentation—but too short!" – John Morris, Nashville, TN

"[She] dealt with very important issues." – Val Stephens, Taos, NM

"It was very REAL, so earthly. I enjoyed it very much. My day WILL be positive." – Roberta Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM

"…her own obvious success with her techniques. I have no problem with my physical health but rather with often negative thoughts." – M.T., Nashville, TN

"She was full of energy and got it through to me."—Helena McGeehan, Brocton, PA

"Her light shines!" – Carol Smith, Albuquerque, NM

"…her youthful and contagious outlook on the aging life. A good lift up! Engrossing."– E. Schiftan, Nashville TN

"…her 'happy heart'" – Al Smith, Roswell, NM

"I like me! I use this [affirmation] in my naval career." – Harold J. Gray, Albuquerque, NM

"I liked the reminder of the usefulness of affirmations. There are some practices that I've fallen away from and the workshop encouraged me to try to reintroduce them." – Sarah D, Mahopac, NY

"I liked her optimism and energy." – Terry Alexander, Peekskill, NY

"…having a true to life role model so that we know aging younger is possible." – E. Cotterman, CT

"…her enthusiasm—indefatigable!" – Devaya Smith, Arroyo Hondo, NM

"The audience participation. Showing us how to change or establish a habit." – K.L., Taos, NM

"What a positive outlook!" – Hedy Lutz, Nashville, TN

"Positive, good example of energy and attractiveness as a senior." – Bette Evans Halverstadt, Nashville, TN

"[I liked] her enthusiasm—filled with spirit—her life force is glowing visibly." – Beverly Pollack-Silver, Questa, NM

"[I liked] everything! She's a natural! Excellent presentation."– Helen Gallant, Cranford, NJ

"She explained all parts of the book and kept my interest at all times." – Rose Marie Dahm, Tuscarna, PA

"I could relate to what she was saying—it made sense." – Irene Newman, CA

"[I liked] Ellen's beautiful spirit. Positive and inspiring message and energy." – Heather Croome-Carroll, Ranchos de Taos, NM

"[I liked the] story about the elderly Chinese woman. I found her presentation engaging and down to earth." – Thomas French, Taos, NM

"…very well presented. Validating." – Madeleine M. Herrmann, Taos, NM

"…very good and enlightening." – Cynthia Wiggins, Taos, NM

"Enthusiasm and insight—just great!" – Lonnie Shapiro, CT

"[I liked] her speaking skills, appearance—made her believable."— J.S., Taos, NM

"[I liked her message to] polish your attitude, think young, transformation as a way of life, use what you've got, grow, keep your energy level up—never say you can't do something… you can. Dance—people who dance together stay together. Appreciate your surroundings, use your senses, savor the day, make the most of each moment." – Mark Miller, El Prado, NM

"She's so funny – I need those good laughs! I liked everything! Made me feel hopeful!" – Mike Bradford, Ranchos de Taos, NM

"Great energy, excellent language choices, valuable techniques that can be applied immediately, good inspirational ending." – Jenn Drescher, CT

"[I liked] her energy, vitality and radiance." – Michelle Locher, Taos, NM

"[I liked Ellen's] enthusiasm and material, her personal stories, the mental pictures she presented." – Virginia Cook, Chester, NJ

"I really liked her energy and passion. Liked how much she believes in 'growing younger' and thinking positively. I thought it was a great exercise to think of a time where you were really happy and felt truly wonderful about who you are. That is so important!" – Noelle Duvoisin, Morris Plains, NJ

"Wild and energetic and expressed things well." – Sophia Harvilicz, Middleport, PA

"I appreciated your clear diction and projected voice—I could hear clearly." – Sandra Dancer, Taos, NM

"I sincerely thank you for the reminder of a 'daily practice' to fully embrace the true love and joy that life can bring! Bravo Ellen—well done!" – Terry Sedal, Ranchos de Taos, NM

"You are so beautiful! What you preach—works! Live life to the max! Be Present. Be Aware. Give thanks! Life is good! The best is yet to come! Thank you." – Debbie Bachman, East Point, FL

"I enjoyed your presentation greatly, especially the personal stories, which make you so honest, real, and all those good things. I look forward to doing the tapping! P.S. Thanks for the handouts!" – Barbara Brock, Taos, NM

"[I liked] her enthusiastic delivery! Well done! Very upbeat and positive!" – Tara Cornish, Torrington, CT

"[I liked] her energy. Also her sincere welcoming spirit." – Gina Shaw, CA

"[I liked] her honesty about her beliefs." – Jerry Rainault, Sunshine Valley, NM

"…high and positive energy." – Edwin Olvera, Torrington, CT

"…inspired and enthusiastic speaker. It all came together—logical and uplifting, like What the Bleep, etc." – Lia Bello, Questa, NM

"She has clarity, elegance, looks to match it." – Susan Keller, CA

"[I liked] her enthusiasm and practical applicable tools. Good information. Thanks for the reminders." – Cindy Scheckel, Taos, NM

"[I liked] her beauty, interaction, her smile, her attention." – Linda Pollock, CA

"[I liked] her youthfulness!" – Susan Reis-Renvyle, CT

"[I liked] her enthusiasm and her hook—consciousness couched with the aging process!!! Good tone!" – Richie Pollock, CA

"[I liked] …the feeling of actually being younger while she was speaking." – Diane F. Vigil, Dulce, NM

"[I liked] her incredible enthusiasm! She practices what she preaches! She's beautiful inside and out. Her spirituality. I would like her to be my friend." – Pinkti Murray, Taos, NM

"Very uplifting and empowering! Excellent presentation! She is magnificent and an awesome motivational spirit!" – Patrick O'Connell, Albuquerque, NM

"Her spirit was 'young,' it was very inspirational, but more importantly it was inviting. I desire to help myself. Thank you!" –Jude Quintana, Belen, NM

"Magnificent. She made me feel good about myself. She was full of energy. Made me feel young. She is beautiful. Can't believe she is in her 70s." – Lydia C. Lopez, Belen, NM

"Positive energy just flows from her. Her smile radiates through the room." – Janie M. Moya, Albuquerque, NM

"Very powerful and points well put—down to earth." – Margo Thorne, Gardnerville, NV

"Very inspiring and fun! Good practical suggestions for changing your thoughts, improving your mental and physical health." – Ginny Cardenas, Minden, NV

"Liked her optimism and energy." – Terry Alexander, Peakskill, NY

"I really liked her energy and the information on growing young. She gave us wonderful ideas on how to improve our bodies and minds." –Marie Kotomori, Albuquerque, NM

"She was a good speaker—full of energy." – Nancy Harper, Clovis, NM

"…her passion for 'growing young'! And her positive attitude, beliefs, and vitality for life." – Elise Macy, Santa Fe, NM

"She was funny, interesting talk, knows her topic well—I learned a lot from her." – Angelia Ben, NM

"Very powerful and points well put—down to earth." – Margo Thorne, Gardnerville, NV

"Very inspiring and fun! Good practical suggestions for changing your thoughts, improving your mental and physical health." – Ginny Cardenas, Minden, NV

"Liked her optimism and energy." – Terry Alexander, Peakskill, NY

"Ellen kept her audience in high spirits and positive attitude." –Alelaide Speck, Portales, NM

"Usable ideas! Well organized." – Michelle Chrabot, Santa Fe, NM

"Good reminder of the influence of our minds on our bodies." – Priscilla Gilbert, West Des Moines, IA

"Ellen believes in her topic and presented it with enthusiasm." – Ray Goin, Cloudcroft, NM

"[I liked] …her enthusiasm and verve. It was refreshing. It's the way I am trying to live my life. Raised 5 kids and now it's 'me' time." – Colleen Hanlon, Los Alamos, NM

"Her vibrancy, her humor, her personal stories." – Maryann Carron, Mahopac, NY

"Her manner of taking a room full of strangers and making us all feel great about ourselves" – E.B., Peakskill, NY

"I would love it if you would add me to your E-mail list! I have been listening to your CD faithfully! Wow! What a difference." – Diane Henry, Golden, CO

"Supberb, fabulous, excellent!" – R.E., Vail, CO

"Magnificent—high energy—full of love—I love it." – Donna Piazza, Lakewood, CO

"[I liked best] …the emphasis on choosing to support life instead of emphasizing death—be kind to your body, exercise and proper diet need constant emphasis." – Dolores Halls, Las Cruces, NM

"Her energy was amazing." – Cheryl L. Janek, Taos, NM

"I learned something about myself. Also for our senior center (elders)." – Cecelia Zospah, Becent Senior Center

"[I liked] the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation Exercise." – Gail Melpolder, La Luz, NM

"[I liked] …all of it—she was excellent." – Patty Beggs, Portales, NM

"[I liked] …her logic & sincerity." – Nancy Lee, NM

"Reinforces my personal philosophy and attitudes." – Chuck Bunting, Avon, CO

"[I liked] …her exuberance!" – Judy Harris, Albuquerque, NM

"[I liked] …her spontaneity, enthusiasm for her subject and her inspiring approach." – Michel Bayly, Rye, England

"[I liked] the importance of using affirmations in our daily lives. Avoid negative statements like 'I'm having a senior moment.' Ellen's zest for life." – Paul C. Collins, Albuquerque, NM

"It's like a good kick in the butt! A reminder of what I already know." – Kim Johnston, Gardnerville, NV

"The thought process and meditation." – Richard Nayman, NY

"[I liked] standing in front of a mirror, saying 'I love you just as you are. You're magnificent. I am strong in mind, body & soul." – Harry Chimoni, Zuni, NM

"[I liked] …listening to her insights about growing older and ways to convert stereotypical thoughts." – T.L.S., Rio Rancho, NM

"I enjoyed the whole presentation." – Nancy Pekara-Gardiner, NM

"Very inspiring and motivating—great vision of what is possible. Fits with my life experiences, practices and research." – Elizabeth Joseph, Minden, NV

"I love the affirmations and God bless you." – Laura DiSimone, Reno, NV

"Good energetic presentation." – Deborah Young, Gardnerville, NV

"I love her inspiring and expansive vision of what we might become as we grow younger, with each passing year of living." – Elizabeth Browning Sheheen, Montrose, NY

"It is so powerful to realize the possibility of all encompassing love and energy that can change each and every one of us." – Anje de Knijf, Gardnerville, NV

"Loved the enthusiasm, energy, spirit, and comeback." – Michael Lavery, Boulder, CO

"My husband is in great need of Ellen and I will show him the tapes." – S. Rogers, NY, NY

"Fantastic talk. I love what she is doing." – Shakti Weaver, Wellington, NV

"Need to absorb it all—can't wait to start!! Hard to believe Ellen is almost 74. Very enthusiastic and willing to share." – Karla Kerekes, Avon, CO

"Absolutely enlightening! Great direction for growth, new thoughts for becoming younger and positive. Great video exercises, affirmations, and other examples to improve longevity and vitality. Totally inspiring. Very engaging and informative." – Susanne Haug, Gardnerville, NV

"Ellen had good strategies to engage the audience—nice timing and good ideas to follow up on our own." – Marcia Kaster, Gardnerville, NV

"The focus on positive emotion, self acceptance and love, and the pleasures of sharing those emotions with others. It was great!" – K. Elwyn, Peakskill, NY

"She looks great for her age—love her energy." – Kim Denning, Eagle, CO

"Very energetic. I know it's a state of mind." – Lori Fenessey, Avon, CO

"Energetic, uplifting and positive." – Stacy Thibedeau

"Good presentation on psychology of aging and mind set to have a youthful outlook on life." – William Small, Aspen, CO

"Positive and pleasant. Enjoy the personal stories." – Laura Ankeny, Longmont, CO

"Wonderful enthusiasm with excellent examples." – Warren Jones, Wilmington, NC

"Enjoyed the uplifting, positive attitude." – Judity Daly, Aspen, CO

"Great vitality and examples. Liked scientific fact based data to support presentation with personal story line to bond with audience. Twenty-one days to change a habit very good." – Gail Amserdam, NY, NY

"Ellen started the program with vitality and caught my attention right away. She also kept an upbeat, lively program. Her son's song was wonderful. Vibrant!" – Gwen Gerrity, Del Mar, CA

"I enjoyed your talk, Ellen, your energy, aliveness." – Naomi Bauer, Northglenn, CO

"Dynamic and enlightening. She exemplifies her teachings." – T.C., Aspen, CO

"I'm a firm believer in mind, body, spirit. You are an inspiration. I love your energy and your life style. It's always a pleasure to hear someone like you." – K.J. Tampa, FLA

"Enjoyed listening to her personal evolution and its continued growth. Liked the advice to grow more creative as well as younger." – Kathleen Jones, Wilmington, NC

"Very energetic and believable. Gives hope for the future." – Jody Leach, Vail, CO

"Good energy ! Beautiful bright eyes." – Janet Horvath, Denver, CO
"You made me want more! These short doable steps are good for any age." – Susan Varon, Taos, NM

"I love you just the way you are! Thank you!" – Dave Pierce, El Prado, NM

"Good – wouldn't change a thing…." – Carol Poss, Edwards, CO

"Wonderful suggestions for real exercises for us to practice. Very helpful." – Ginger Pizzurro, Arroyo Seco, NM

"Wonderful! So articulate and engaging! I will start these practices and check your website. Thank you, Ellen." – Anita Gomez, Santa Fe, NM

"Having gone through a deep depression and the blues, I can attest to the value of affirmations—seeing beyond the present into the truth. Ellen explained this so well! Thank you!" – Linda Au, Arroyo Seco, NM

"Very inspirational, Ellen. Simple but profound. Your joy and love of life are beautiful. Thank you." – Deborah Kay Hopper, Taos, NM

"Great humor and inspirations! Thanks for brightening my day!" – Jonna James, Taos, NM

"Strong and powerful!!" – Ilse Mayer, Taos, NM

"Great info! Exuberant! You are magnificent!" – Rose Bauhs, Taos, NM

"Wonderful, inspiring, funny and delightful presentation!" – Rosalie, Taos, NM

"Ellen, you hit me dead center. I'll remember!!" – Glenna Huddleston, Taos, NM

"You made me feel magnificent!! I will not forget it." – Connie Roth, Ranchos de Taos, NM

"Great presentation! You really are magnificent!" - Jeannie Masters, Questa. NM

"Just what I needed, especially now with present loses – changes – transformations." - Judy Coons, Taos, NM

"It was lovely and lively and I enjoyed it so much." – Stephanie Davis, Taos, NM

"Very emotional and powerful. Awesome!" – Crystal Lucero, Albuquerque, NM

"Oh, how gracious! Thank you for your guidance and belief in a prosperous life. I will practice – I believe!"- Tina Aragon, Penasco, NM

"Beautiful experience. Very inspirational!" – Tom Kennedy, Taos, NM

"Ellen, you are inspiring! I now really believe that age is a state of mind. I love you for sharing your wisdom with me." – Janeene Nelson, Ribera, NM

"Keep up your wonderful practice. You are powerful. Thanks for who you are!" Kenny LaCome, Questa, NM

"Thank you, Ellen. You are MAGNIFICENT!" – Silvana Neal, Embudo, NM

"You are magnificent." – Marilyn A. McDonald, Dixon, NM

"Your presentation could not be more wonderful! I feel like I met a new friend." Rebecca Phillips, Carlsbad, NM

"Very affirming. I feel openhearted and very warm inside. I feel a warm, pink energy all through my body. Thank you!!" – Shelagh Veoghegan, Velarde, NM

"You move my soul and enlighten my spirit. Thank you." Marsha Reddell, Taos, NM

"Loved everything in the presentation." – Glorya E. Trujillo, Taos, NM

"Absolutely enlightening. Such new awarenesses and reminders of how to maintain our inner and outer wellness. Something to carry with us forever.” Thank you." – Marcia McEachron, Truchas, NM

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ellen’s presentation. It brought a big reminder of the power of presence. I will incorporate some of Ellen’s recommendations."- Patricia Hernandez, Dixon, NM

"Just what I needed at just the right time. You are magnificent!" – LisaAnn Edenfield, Dixon, NM

"Ellen, I loved your presentation. Very moving. I laughed and I cried. Thank you." – Maria Elena, Dixon, NM

"You spread joy and are magnificent!" Barbara Schwathe, Dixon, NM

"Great information and interaction. Just right." – Charlene Dulong, Taos, NM

"Great presentation – simple and friendly." – Sandy Solomon, Dixon, NM

"I like how you pause at the end of a thought – it allows my mind time to absorb your message. You are fun. Thanks for sharing your knowledge." – Beverly Taylor, Alcalde, NM

"Affirmations info was useful to make my affirmations process more inspirational."- Sarah, Los Alamos, NM

"Thank you for your sincerity – the sincerity of your presentation. You gave me inspirational hope!" – Richard Kline, Dixon, NM

“Great! Fantastic presenter.” – Ernestine Hall, Albuquerque, NM

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. You are an inspiration.” – Lina Molina, Carlsbad, NM

“Appreciate the uplifting! Enjoyed audience participation! Thank you!! – Jo Ann Hauser, Alamogordo, NM

“You were magnificent. Very informative. Great speaker, encouraging. Love you.” – Cecilia Archuleta, Albuquerque, NM

“This was the best seminar. If this was the only seminar I got to attend, it would have been worth coming.” – Joanie Herschfield, Santa Fe, NM

“She is absolutely entertaining, interesting and quite intelligent. Enjoyed the entire workshop. Very informative. Definitely a great role model.” – Anita Raymond, Albuquerque, NM

“Super presentation – I AM POWERFUL and I know how to build upon that! – Delight Martinez, Pueblo of Acoma, NM

“Thank you for spreading love and joy!” – Danna K. Metzger, Santa Fe, NM

“Excellent presentation. You’re amazing!” – Annette Quan, Zuni, NM

“Very wonderful!” – Shirley Laughlin, San Fidel, NM

“Great presentation. Very interesting on positive thoughts. And to practice powerful positive thoughts. Thank you, Ellen.” – Dorothy Penkelewa, Zuni, NM

“Your workshop was empowering and inspirational. I enjoyed it and it opened my eyes to live happy and positive.” – Elisha Thomas, Dulce, NM

“You are great.” – Shirley Lopez, Santa Cruz, NM

“It’s always good to stay positive and get new tips on it. It’s a hard time for me right now. It’s good to be reminded to stay positive.” – Eli

“Presentation was fantastic.” Lena Bower, Santa Fe, NM

“Thank you for all of your testimony and experience. You are brave. Thank you again. God bless.” – Linda Rivera, Albuquerque, NM

“She’s very funny. Very truthful and has a good sense of humor.” – Lucille M. Vigil, Santa Fe, NM

“A good presentation. It got me laughing and thinking a lot of the good things in my life. Thank you.” – Bernice Sice, Zuni, NM

“I love the positive affirmations/comments that you made. You know that saying something positive and encouraging does work! Because every day is a new day and you have the choice to be positive!” – Vickie Thomas, Dulce, NM

“I feel different, happy over all.” – Anacita Archuleta, San Ysidro, NM

“You were wonderful! You made my day!” – Teresita Salazar, Bosque Farms, NM

“I learned a lot because I am stressed.” – Laura Coriz, Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

“This is one session that has made an impact on my stress. Now I know I can say the words each day and be proud of me!!” – Rosey Cate, Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

“It would be great to do more ‘exercises.’ In our busy lives we forget to love one another. We need to get back to the ‘simple’ things in life.” – Donna Pino, Bernalillo, NM

“Really great – learned lots from you. Thank you.” – Cleo Duran, Clovia, NM

“I enjoyed your talk. It gave me great practices. Thank you – in a world where negative seems to be the norm, you showed us hope.” Clovis, NM

“Your class was very good. I woke up!” – Ena Eltsosie, Farmington, NM

“It was very entertaining and educational. It was wonderful and so was she.” – Vannessa Martinez, Dulce, NM

“Thank you for the words [affirmations] – it will help me out.” – Marcellina Kaskulla, Zuni, NM

“You’re a very beautiful woman – always smiling. Stay strong.” – Elsa Padilla, Santa Fe, NM

“Her presentation was very positive and inspiring. It made me feel positive.” – Fidela Maes, Sandia Park, NM

“Thank you for your workshop. I enjoyed it very much and a lot of your words make sense.” – Natividad Dominguez, Carlsbad, NM

“You are magnificent – even after all you have gone through. Very powerful.” – Louise Zamora, Bosque Farms, NM

“Learned a lot – enjoyed the presentation.” – J. Britton, Belen, NM

“Even with the mic technical difficulties, you were AWESOME.” – Lydia R. Saent

“Loved everything about the presentation.” – Nannette Griffy, Edgewood, NM “Great! This I will take back and share with my group at the center before we start our exercise class.” – Lorraine Trujillo

“Thanks for such an uplifting presentation!” – Linda Boncella, Los Alamos, NM

“Very uplifting presentation. I like the 5 steps.” – Brenda Janzen

“Great advice to thinking positive, in order to live a happy and positive life. Being positive in everything, no matter the situation, will help you be happy.” Alanna Penketewa, Zuni, NM

“Wow! Thank you! I needed this information because my life has been “blue.” I have some answers now. Thank you.” – Heath

“Love your pink hair.” Priscilla Reyna-Jojola, Isleta, NM

“That was great! Often we are negative in what we are, or how we are.” – Diane Menchego, Bernalillo, NM

“Thank you for the workshop. I had been finding it difficult to love myself recently. You have honestly helped me accept myself. Thank you very much.” – Christian

“Excellent presentation!” – Monica Toya, Jemez Pueblo, NM

“Wow! ILYJAYA YAM. Awesome! Love that pink hair – looks good. Keep it going, my dear.” – Angela Salas, Zia Pueblo, NM

“You’re magnificent!!” – Rose Shendo, Jemez Pueblo, NM

“Fantastic!” – Nenette S. Boucher, Albuquerque, NM

“Very educational.” – Mary Sandoval, Santa Fe, NM

“Because of your presentation, I feel ‘magnificent’!!!!” – Janice Vicente, Espanola, NM

“Very entertaining. Enjoyed it very much.” – Dana DeDios, Dulce, NM

“I loved your presentation! The pot story was the best.” – Angela Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM

“It was very entertaining and educational. It was wonderful and so was she.” – Vannessa Martinez, Dulce, NM

“Very inspiring, outgoing, positive and such a beautiful hearted woman. I absolutely loved listening to the speech. Also very funny. I would come back every day. Love, love, love, love!!!!” – Demi Petrowski, Roswell, NM

“I loved the presentation. I do the same living positive, working out.” – Margaret Jaramillo, Belen, NM

“Terrific presentation!” – Linda Haverty, Belen, NM

“Enjoyed presentation – good helpful hints.” – Gunhild Vetter, Bosque Farms, NM

“Powerful presentation – tools to use for a better life.” – Wanda Mansell, Magdalena, NM


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