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THINK and GROW YOUNG – Powerful Steps to Create
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THINK and GROW YOUNG – Powerful Steps to Create a Life of Joy

YOU DON'T HAVE TO GROW OLD. You can regain the vitality, strength, flexibility, mental alertness and passion of youth - and even look younger! Author Ellen Wood is living proof this is possible. In this truly life-changing book, Ellen teaches her proven formula for awakening a new, vibrant, younger you, and shares her experience of creating this program to reverse her own decline into the progressive deterioration of old age.

Ellen’s step-by-step youthfulness instructions guide you to:
  • Examine your perceptions about aging and explore your fears about the losses and changes it might bring

  • Stop negative programming as it arises and consciously reorient yourself toward the goal of a younger you

  • Deliberately create new expectations about who you will become with age

  • Recognize how by growing younger and living life more joyfully, you energize and support others to live at their optimum potential as well
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Delivered in Ellen Wood's soothing voice and conversational style, this 45-minute CD is a tool to help you release negative thought habits and replace them with healthy, rejuvenating, life-affirming thoughts that help you grow younger. Change your thoughts and you change your life.

Track 1 is an introduction to what affirmations are, why they are powerful and how to use them.

Track 2 Ellen guides you through gentle exercises that prepare your mind and body to get the most out of the experience.

Track 3 contains the Affirmations, and you can skip right to them if you wish. Ellen speaks each affirmation and then pauses so that you can repeat the affirmation and make it your own. With more than 170 affirmations, this practice is a powerful way to readjust your thought habits and grow younger.

Track 4 is Ellen's special gift - a song written and performed by her son, Peter Rosewood. The song is entitled "Precious" and takes you on a melodic journey to remember how precious life is.

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